Virtual Exploration of Weathering & Erosion

Grade: 5th grade

Subject: Science

Topic: Virtual Exploration of Weathering & Erosion

Description: Students explore a blendspace that includes Virtual Reality (VR) to explore weathering and erosion around the world, using AirPano.

Science TEK: 5.7 B recognize how landforms such as deltas, canyons, and sand dunes are the result of changes to Earth’s surface by wind, water, or ice.

Technology TEK:  1.C use virtual environments to explore systems and issues.

4Cs: Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration

ISTE Digital Age Learner Standards: Empowered Learner, Creative Communicator

Device Type:   Laptop, Chromebook, iPad / Tablet, VR Glasses, ipods (optional–can be completed on computer)