Numbers 1 to 5

Grade:  Kindergarten

Subject:  Math/Computational Thinking

Topic:  Numbers 1 to 5

Description:  After introducing and working with numbers 1 to 5, teachers will introduce Scratch Jr. motion cards to write a line of code.  Students will use the cards to write code with up to 5 movements. Students will lay the cards on the ground and work in a small group to create a line of code.  The teacher will introduce each motion and trigger card and allow students to explore what each card means. They will then use the cards to write the code. Another group will try out their code and see if it works.  (This will introduce the symbols used in Scratch Jr which students will use in later units.)

Math TEKS: K.2A Count forward and backward to at least 20 with and without objects; K.2C Count a set of objects up to at least 20 and demonstrate that the last number said tells the number of objects in the set regardless of their arrangement or order. K.5 The student is expected to recite numbers up to 100 by ones and tens beginning with any given number.

Technology TEKS:  1D Create and execute steps to accomplish a task; and 1E Evaluate and modify steps to accomplish a task

4Cs: Collaboration, Communication

Resources: Scratch Jr.  Motion Cards

Device Type: none