Abstraction with Mad Glibs

Grade: 5th grade

Subject:  Language Arts

Topic: Analyzing Text

Description:  Students analyze stories for differences, which can then be “abstracted” away.  The abstracted stories then become templates for fun and crazy new ones.

LA TEK:  20 (A)  use and understand the function of the following parts of speech in the context of reading, writing, and speaking: (i)  verbs (irregular verbs and active voice); (ii)  collective nouns (e.g., class, public); (iii)  adjectives (e.g., descriptive, including origins: French windows, American cars) and their comparative and superlative forms (e.g., good, better, best); (iv)  adverbs (e.g., frequency: usually, sometimes; intensity: almost, a lot); (v)  prepositions and prepositional phrases to convey location, time, direction, or to provide details; (vi)  indefinite pronouns (e.g., all, both, nothing, anything); (vii)  subordinating conjunctions (e.g., while, because, although, if); and (viii)  transitional words (e.g., also, therefore)

Technology TEK:  (1)Creativity and innovation (A)  create original products using a variety of resources; (2) Communication and collaboration (A) draft, edit, and publish products in different media individually and collaboratively; (3) (D) Acquire information appropriate to specific tasks.

4Cs: Creativity, Communication

Resources:  Lesson

Device Type: None

Suggested Apps:  None

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