Digital Visual Representation of Sets of Rational Numbers

Grade:  7th

Subject:  Math

Topic:   Digital Visual Representation of Sets of Rational Numbers

Description:  Using a drawing program, such as Google Drawings or Google Slides, students can create digital graphic organizers to classify rational numbers and describe relationships between them. As an extension, students can use Screencastify to explain their classification of the numbers and their relationships.  

Math TEKS:  7.2 extend previous knowledge of sets and subsets using a visual representation to describe relationships between sets of rational numbers.; 

Technology TEKS:  7.1(A)  identify, create, and use files in various formats such as text, raster and vector graphics, video, and audio files; 7.2(B) communicate effectively with multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats; If use extension activity, then also include 7.6(N) integrate two or more technology tools to create a new digital product.

4Cs:  Critical Thinking, Communication

Resources: Example

Device Type: Chromebook, Laptop