Digital Posters in Google Drawings

Grade: 7th Grade

Subject: Math

Topic: Linear Relationships

Description: Students will use Google Drawing in order to create a digital poster, where students can link to other websites, pictures, or videos about the topic they are presenting on. 

TEK: 7(7) The student applies mathematical process standards to represent linear relationships using multiple representations. The student is expected to represent linear relationships using verbal descriptions, tables, graphs, and equations that simplify to the form y = mx + b.

Technology TEKS:  7th Grade: (1) Creativity and innovation  (B)  create original works as a means of personal or group expression; (C)  explore complex systems or issues using models, simulations, and new technologies to make predictions, modify input, and review results; (2) Communication and collaboration  (B) communicate effectively with multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats; (5) Digital Citizenship (A) understand and practice copyright principles, including current fair use guidelines, creative commons, open source, and public domain; (C) practice safe and appropriate online behavior, personal security guidelines, digital identity, digital etiquette, and acceptable use of technology; and (6) (M) plan and create non-linear media projects using graphic design principles; and (N) integrate two or more technology tools to create a new digital product.

4Cs: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication

Resources: Example, Instructions 

Device Type: Laptop, Chromebook

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