Custom Google Search for Research

Grade: 3rd Grade

Subject: Language Arts

Topic: Research

Description: Teacher can create a custom google search for students.  This will allow them to see only links that you have approved.  You can add as many or as few links and subjects as you would like.  

LA TEK: 3.16(C) compare various written conventions used for digital media (e.g., language in an informal e-mail vs. language in a web-based news article)

Technology TEK: (3)  Research and information fluency.(A)  use various search strategies such as keyword(s); the Boolean identifiers and, or, and not; and other strategies appropriate to specific search engines; (B)  collect and organize information from a variety of formats, including text, audio, video, and graphics; (C)  validate and evaluate the relevance and appropriateness of information; and (D)  acquire information appropriate to specific tasks.

4Cs: Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication

Resources: How to create a custom search, Example search for topic of Abraham Lincoln

Device Type: Laptop, Chromebook, IPAD

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