Creating a Poetry Anthology

Grade: 5th Grade

Subject: Language Arts

Topic: Poetry

Description: Students will use storybird to create a poetry anthology.  They are short, art-inspired stories that you can print, watch on screen, or share online.  Teachers can add on different requirements to student anthologies.

LA TEK: 5.16(B) write poems using: (i) poetic techniques (e.g., alliteration, onomatopoeia); (ii) figurative language (e.g., similes, metaphors); and (iii) graphic elements (e.g., capital letters, line length).

Technology TEK: (2)Communication and collaboration(C)  collaborate effectively through personal learning communities and social environments; (D)  select and use appropriate collaboration tools;

4Cs: Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity

Resources: A Storybird about Creating StoryBirds, Create a Storybird-Handout,

Device Type: Laptops, Chromebooks, IPADS

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