Biography Time Line

Grade: 5th grade

Subject:  Social Studies

Topic: Biography

Description:  Students will work independently or with a partner to research and create a timeline depicting a famous person’s life. They will program their robots to travel along the timeline, clearly stating important facts relating to their person’s life.

Social Studies TEK:  5.2B, 5.3B, 5.4G, 5.5C, 5.23A

Technology TEK:  (3)  Research and information fluency. The student acquires and evaluates digital content. The student is expected to: (A)  use search strategies to access information to guide inquiry; (B)  use research skills to build a knowledge base regarding a topic, task, or assignment; and (C)  evaluate the usefulness of acquired digital content.

(4)  Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. The student applies critical-thinking skills to solve problems, guide research, and evaluate projects using digital tools and resources. The student is expected to: (A)  identify what is known and unknown and what needs to be known regarding a problem and explain the steps to solve the problem; (B)  evaluate the appropriateness of a digital tool to achieve the desired product; (C)  evaluate products prior to final submission; and (D)  collect, analyze, and represent data using tools such as word processing, spreadsheets, graphic organizers, charts, multimedia, simulations, models, and programming languages.

4Cs: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication

Resources: Lesson 

Device Type: Wonder Dash and Dot

Suggested Apps:  Wonder Apps

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